The Versatility of Real Hair Extensions

Women like to be able to change their appearance from time to time.  For instance, the look that’s needed for an important job interview is different from the one desired when going on a glamorous night out, or spending a casual weekend camping in the Lake District.

There are many ways to change one’s appearance, such as the obvious one of clothes, or accessories.  Hiking boots would give a bit of a strange impression if worn for a job interview as a beauty therapist, but would be entirely appropriate for a day’s hiking.

In all the thrillers, whether books or films, it is often the hair that is changed when the detective is trying to avoid being noticed when following a suspect or when someone is trying to create a disguise; this could be by wearing a hat, for example, using a wig, or changing the hair colour. 

A more subtle and versatile enhancement and modification of a woman’s appearance is through the growing use of hair extensions.  Whilst cheap, synthetic products can be bought off the shelf, undoubtedly the most attractive and natural-looking hair extensions are those that are custom made, using the best luxury materials - soft, shiny real hair.

This is where an expert salon like Tatiana’s Hair Extensions comes into the picture.  In their salons in London and Manchester, they hold a large inventory of real hair, generally virgin Russian hair, which means it has not been subjected to perming, colouring or any other harsh chemical treatment.  Because of their pioneering use of micro ringlets to secure the hair, the extensions can be safely and unobtrusively attached to the existing hair, yet be easily removed for use on another occasion.  The expertise of their staff means that you have the advice and vision you need to select the type, length and colour of hair that will then be custom-made into the hair extension of your dreams.