Supplying the wholesale piercing market

In today’s fashion conscious world, an essential accessory for many men and women is some form of body jewellery (or body jewelry in the United States).  This has led to a surge in the number of businesses that provide the service of actually carrying out the necessary body piercing before fitting the required fashion accessory, whether it is a nose ring, belly button ring, lip stud, earring or a combination of these.

To ensure that a business specialising in wholesale piercing has a wide range of products on offer, it needs to find a reliable supplier of body jewelry – one that can not only deliver goods quickly to anywhere in the world, but also has adequate quality controls in place in the manufacturing process.  There is something very irritating about losing part of a carefully chosen earring, for instance, so that can be avoided if the item has been well-made in the first place.

 There is a bewildering range of body jewellery available, varying in colour, material (silver, gold, steel and titanium to name but a few), as well as size and design.  A successful wholesale body piercing business needs to be clever in recognising new trends, so that they carry sufficient stock to satisfy a surge in demand.  This is where the selection of a reliable supplier is so important.  No-one wants to see their customers go to a competitor because they cannot source a particular lip ring that has become the latest craze.

Body piercing is a particular case in point, as the customer has to feel comfortable both with the navel ring or other item that is being provided, and with the actual piercing.  They want to feel confident that the process takes place under hygienic conditions and that advice on after-care is given.