The world of fashion in Manchester

Manchester is one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the UK and its fashion scene is growing fast. With a vast plethora of shopping centres and a fashion conscious city centre, Manchester is becoming one of the most fashionable cities in the UK behind London. A whole new raft of home-grown and overseas fashion designers are starting to grace the high street of Manchester as they look to open up the emerging markets offered by the wealthy and fashionable clientele that fill the desirable postcodes of neighbouring Cheshire, a particular favourite with Manchester footballers and their WAGs.

This new fashion explosion is being exemplified by the Manchester Fashion Week 2013 which starts in a month from now. It will take place in the National Football Museum from April 22nd to April 26th 2013. Building upon the success of the inaugural Manchester Fashion Week that took place last spring, this year's fashion bonanza will include 30 separate fashion shows and 20 exhibition spaces over the five days of the event. This year's fashion week will showcase the usual high street designers and their summer trends, new talents in the fashion industry and the luxury end of the fashion design market.

With numerous celebrities endorsing many of the fashion designers and brands on offer, the publicity and footfall generated by the Fashion Week will be a huge boost to the growing fashion industry and economy of Manchester. Manchester's Trafford Centre, one of the biggest shopping centres in the UK, offers consumers a huge variety of shopping options and fashionable brand names with all the big high street names being present. This massive out of town shopping centre is home to many of the country's leading fashion brands whereas many of the smaller, local fashion boutiques are still found on the high street and in the city centre.   

With a choice of such shopping centres and the standard high street city centre shops Manchester offers a variety of shopping options when it comes to fashion. Aside from the well-known names, smaller and locally-based boutiques and clothing firms do good business in Manchester's city centre, such as the student favourite boutique Cow Vintage. Such specialised boutiques, whether they offer vintage clothes, individual designs for shoes or accessories or design their own clothing trends, all harbour a spirit built upon a strong local fashion community which is indicative of the Manchester fashion scene as a whole.